Three Ways to Spice Up Lighting in Your Home - Bahir Lighting
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Three Ways to Spice Up Lighting in Your Home

Good lighting can quickly change a room from dim and boring to bright and inviting. Here are three techniques to bump your atmosphere up a notch with an assortment of lights.
Managing Colors: Different uses of lighting can add to or subtract from the overall mood of a room. Dark colors minimize the perceived size of a room, while bright lighting increases how big a room feels. Lights shining on the floor also bring a new tone to a room.
Directional Lighting: Track lighting is key for positioning lights on certain parts of a room. By forcing a spotlight on one area, you can emphasize that section of the room to complement the rest. You can also adjust the positioning of lights to change which areas are under the spotlight at designated times.
Purposeful Lighting: There’s not much value in using lights if it’s just for function. It should mean something more than illuminating a space. Look for style-centered and task-specific lights to decorate your space as needed. Brightness isn’t everything; lights that fill multiple roles are very valuable.
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