Finding a Statement Piece - Bahir Lighting
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Finding a Statement Piece


Are you showcasing the spaces in your home or workplace in a way that highlights their features? Maybe you just need to light up the room! While you’re at it, use light fixtures to make a bold statement and become the star piece of a room.

Adding a light fixture really helps define the focal point of a room. Our designs at Bahir Custom Lighting and Decor will elevate the look of the space. The beauty of custom lighting is that you decide what that statement is. Designing your light should be a fun process filled with options and opportunities. With Bahir helping you design your light fixture, we ensure that you will get the right piece for the perfect spot.

We have experience with designing a variety of light fixtures from modern, to bold, to delicate, or subtle. No matter the style, every one of our creations demands to be noticed and appreciated. Since Bahir Lighting custom designs your light fixture, no two are alike. Your neighbor will not have the same thing and neither will someone halfway across the world! Every light we design is unique to you.

Here at Bahir Lighting, we’re ready to help you make a statement. Are you ready to design a custom light?

For more information on how to start creating your custom Bahir light, call Kurosh today: (612) 343-2000 or email us at kurosh@bahirlighting.com.

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