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Beyond Functionality

Do you get a “blah” feeling everytime you step into your bare workplace? Maybe your home is missing some pizazz too. It is likely that you spend a majority of your time in these places, so why not put some effort into making them more visually appealing? At Bahir Lighting, we can help you do just that by designing a custom light fixture. This type of art does wonders for a room or space.

Glass making has been around for about 4,000 years after the practice began in Mesopotamia. At first, glass was a luxury item since glassmaking was slow and costly. The invention of glassblowing changed the production process completely. Glass became available to ordinary citizens with this technique. Since then, the tools and techniques haven’t changed much.

Throughout history, glassmaking has been very important in Mediterranean culture. Glass was a significant item of trade for the Roman Empire. Eventually, the trade was brought to the United States. During the Industrial Revolution, glass manufacturing became even more popular.

Glass has always been a large part of Mediterranean culture, and at Bahir, we bring that to Minnesota. We use our Mediterranean glassmaking techniques to design breathtaking lights for your home or business.

For more information on how to start creating your custom Bahir light, call Kurosh today: (612) 343-2000 or email us at kurosh@bahirlighting.com.

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