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Custom Lights vs. Normal Lights

It is right there in our name Custom Lighting—but what does that mean? What is the difference between our lights and those at a large department store?

To begin, the best lights in the world are crafted for the space themselves. You want your home and space to reflect you—not millions of other people. Our lights are designed to fit your personality and that of your space.

Secondly, the experience plays a large role in custom lighting. While the word “experience” does not show up in our name, it is one of the largest factors in custom lighting. You want a custom, experienced evaluation of your home so you can find the right light. We offer in-home consultations for our customers to ensure the right light is used.

Finally, custom lighting means you will have a stronger selection. After we help you determine the tone, color and feel of the room you can make an informed decision to and pick the right light. This may take a visit or two but the end result is perfection.

Find you light.

Bahir Custom Lighting and Décor

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