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Custom Lighting Custom Size

The size of the light for your space depends greatly on the room you are decorating. At Bahir Custom Lighting and Decor we take the time to go into each space and help you find the right light.

Custom lighting is no easy task and you will often find other dealers who claim their lights are custom, but in reality they are mass produced with lower quality products. When trying to find the right size custom light for your space remember to note if this is for residential or commercial. Residential lighting tends to be softer both in color and strength, but also in light display.

For commercial displays, a custom light is a great choice but make sure Bahir Lighting reviews your space before you make your selection. Bahir Lighting has a number of great lights that will work well for both commercial and residential spaces.

Lastly, the size of the light itself plays a large, no pun intended, role in which one you select. Large and small lights act and perform differently in spaces. Ironically, a smaller light doesn’t mean less brightness so we always take the time to test light strength as well.

While there are many lights for you to choose from, we always recommend a custom lighting choice. This gives you the ability to light the space as it was intended while giving you creative control. We take pride in the lights we use in both commercial and residential spaces and we hope that we can help you pick out the right light for you.

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