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Allowing You To See

When you enter a beautiful room you often notice the wallpaper, elegant pieces of furniture or a gorgeous rug.  These items seem to “illuminate” the room and carry a positive vibe.  What is often overlooked is the light that brings the room to life.  A single custom light can change the way a room feels and looks.

When you fail to notice the ambiance of the room it is often because there lack of lighting.  Custom lighting from Bahir Custom Light and Décor helps you tie the room together so your family, friends and guests can see it for what it truly is—beautiful.  Do you have a room in your home that is missing that one key component?  You can tell it is missing something but you can’t quite figure it out?  When you get that feeling, you should look straight up—maybe the lighting is wrong.

All lights are different.  They are different colors, strengths and sizes—and matching the right light for your room is essential for any custom space.  We specialize in finding the right light for any of your rooms.  Color, strength and size of the lights is evaluated. We even help you install the light fixture into your space to ensure a perfect fit.

The next time you need to display your room in a new light, well, first make sure you purchase the right light.

Find your light.
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