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The Right Light

Have you ever heard the phrase “the right light?” If not, you have now. It is a phrase we use often. Finding the right light for your space is essential to tying the whole room together.

Have you ever sat in a friend’s living room, kitchen or bedroom and felt that the light was either too bright, dark or didn’t accent the room’s tone? It is not uncommon. Many homeowners are never coached as to what light should be selected for a space. But, therein lies the other problem as most people simply pick a light that they believe will look good. What does this really mean? They are settling.

Bahir Custom Lighting and Décor does the opposite. We are custom lighting and décor creators with years of experience. A single light can change the tone and feel of not just a room, but a whole house. One single light can bring joy and peace to a home.

Lights have become part of everyday life and you don’t want to settle for a piece you picked off a shelf at a mass production store. You want one light that you will keep forever. You want one single light that brightens your home and heart.

Bahir Custom Lighting and Décor is more than a lighting store—we are lighting experts. We live and breath custom lights. Let us help you find yours.

Find your light.

Bahir Custom Lighting and Décor.

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