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Importance of Color

Color is everywhere. We see it in photos, nature and even around the city. Our lives are moved and influenced by color on a daily basis. Your lights and the color they project are no different. Each lights has a unique color that is right for a specific room—and we can help you find that perfect light for you space.

Most people look at lights as one color—bright, but they are so much more than that. The colors that dance from our custom chandeliers can match your space perfectly. While not every light is right for a space we help you find the perfect one and color is often a motivating factor.

Depending on your space’s carpet, décor, windows, etc the color of the light can have a large impact on the space itself. We can come into your space and help you pick out the perfect light and color for it.

It can be hard to see color in lights, but at Bahir Custom Lighting and Décor we are trained to see color in all we do. The colorful lights we custom create for our customers are designed to accent their spaces and that is what we intend on doing for you.

Find your light.

Bahir Custom Lighting and Décor.

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