Lighting Your Home - Bahir Lighting
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Lighting Your Home

Do you remember moving into your first home or apartment? Do you remember walking into the nearest home store and grabbing the big cart—you’re an adult now, no basket for you—with a organized “For Apartment” list?

Back then, the coffee maker was the cheapest you could get by with; the sheets for your bed were pilfered from your mother’s closet; the “accent pieces” frames, figurines or one very classy magnetic bottle opener were all picked from the clearance section. As an afterthought, you probably selected a precariously tall floor lamp and a black plastic lamp for your nightstand—if you had one. This was your reality.

Then, filling your new space with beauty was a dream. Now, with Bahir Lighting, it’s a reality as dedicated time and energy to transforming it into your vision. The glass at Bahir lighting is hand selected from around the world by experienced connoisseurs of beauty, ensuring quality. It is then melted, blown and crafted into works of art.

The warm, illuminated showroom in the International Market Square in Minneapolis allows clients to pick masterpieces coordinating with that vision. Bahir Lighting then selects the highest quality glass to match your vision kind piece of melted glass perfection. These are not mass-produced lighting fixtures picked from a catalogue, but pieces created for you.

Lighting is our passion. Let our passion light up yours.


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