A Waterfall Like No Other - Bahir Lighting
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A Waterfall Like No Other

One of nature’s most beautiful astonishments is the waterfall. Ranging from ten feet to thousands of feet, waterfalls represent the replenishment of the earth, the cycling of old to new and the gathering of what was once separated. They are, quite literally, cliffs where water falls onto the earth below—often into another body of water. Not only are they majestic in nature, they draw thousands every day to their exciting waters.

Some of the most famous waterfall destinations are Yosemite Falls in California, Angel Falls in Venezuela, Rhine Falls in Switzerland, and Niagara Falls in New York/Ontario. There are also local waterfalls that draw particular attention. Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis flows from Minnehaha Creek and has a popular park.

Waterfalls are quite simply stunning. The simplicity of their beauty—the understanding of their design—is what also attracts visitors. They leave you speechless, and yet they are not too complex for comprehensibility.  Here at Bahir lighting, we have designed a waterfall chandelier that is simple in design yet beautiful in nature. Hanging from above, light pieces dangle in a flowing arrangement, presenting the mystery and gorgeous nature of a waterfall.

You can bring the whimsical element of nature’s greatest artwork into your own home with our waterfall chandelier. Stop in and experience a waterfall before you.

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